Joining Seattle Freemasonry

The first Seattle masonic lodge was established ("chartered") in 1860, 29 years before Washington became a state. Those early lodges produced men who played central roles of the founding of the city of Seattle and the University of Washington; men with names like Denny, Yesler, Mercer, Bagley, and Doc Maynard. Today masonry continues its tradition of giving men what they need to lead more productive and happier lives by instilling in them values that allow them to organize their lives around the things that are truly important to them; inspiring them to build their lives today just as the stonemasons built temples centuries ago. 

Who can Join?

You must be a man, of at least 18 years or older and, hold a belief in a Supreme Being. You should wish to strive for self improvement and the opportunity to make a positive difference in your community.

What is the Process?

If you are interested in joining Freemasonry in Seattle, we invite you to petition Eureka Lodge No. 20 for membership by contacting the Eureka Secretary at or using our contact page and ask for a petition and Eureka Lodge No. 20's published brochures. Submit your petition and an interview committee will be assigned to you to answer any questions you may have about Masonry and Eureka Lodge No. 20 and to verify information on your petition. The interview committee will then present your submitted petition to the Lodge to vote on upon which, a mentor will be assigned to you to start your Masonic education of Fellowship, Brotherhood, and Enlightenment into the meaning of Masonry.